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Founder & President

Stephen Clouse is the Founder and President of Stephen Clouse & Associates,
Inc., a strategic communications and major gifts fundraising firm established in 1991. Stephen pioneered a highly personalized, multiple media video fundraising system and method that has raised tens of millions of dollars for dozens of non-profit organizations through capital campaigns, annual fund appeals and special projects. These campaigns are designed both to boost immediate net fundraising revenue and accelerate the rate at which major donors are identified and cultivated.

Stephen Clouse & Associates has been recognized professionally for outstanding video production and has been a recipient of the prestigious Telly, Addy and Campbell Awards. Stephen personally produced/and or coached videotapings with President George H. Bush, Vice President Dan Quayle, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Speaker Newt Gingrich, Honorable Jack Kemp, Congressman J.C. Watts, Jr., Honorable Bill Bennett, Honorable Ed Meese, Honorable Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Senator Bob Dole, Senator Fred Thompson, Senator George Allen, Senator Rick Santorum, Senator Tom Coburn, Rush Limbaugh, Cal Thomas, Charleton Hesston, Michael Reagan, Steve Allen, Dean Jones, Pat Boone, Ben Stein, Steve Forbes, CEO Forbes Magazine, Jim Kilts, CEO Gillette, Larry Kudlow, Charles Koch, CEO Koch Industries, Herman Cain, Walter Williams, David McCullough, Milton Friedman, and many other national figures.

Stephen and his wife, Ellen, have five children and reside in Ashburn, Virginia.